Custom Solutions

In addition to our own apps, SonicBunny works with clients to develop custom solutions that fit their unique needs. For some clients, that's through training or consulting. For others, SonicBunny creates the entire solution through contract development.

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Training and Consulting

SonicBunny Software offers training and code level consulting for interested clients. We focus on methods to create reliable and resilient apps through testing and workflow automation. By automating repetitive, tedious tasks and requiring thorough testing, you can build a high level of confidence that the next version of your software was both built correctly and functions without error.

SonicBunny Software is proud to have worked with clients such as:

  • A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • A cutting edge developer of neurostimulation medical equipment
  • An asset management solutions provider for healthcare, government and education

Contract Development

SonicBunny Software can work with you to create software solutions to your business problems. Over the years, we've worked with many clients to develop custom apps for medical devices, imaging systems and data aggregation. We've integrated technologies like Bluetooth LE, NFC, mapping, audio and video processing and many more. What technology can SonicBunny Software help you harness for your business?

These are some of our interesting past projects and the technologies that made them unique:

Medical and Healthcare
  • Medical grade video recorder for endoscopic dysphagia imaging sessions.
    • AVFoundation, CoreImage, IOKit, FDA 510K device clearance
  • Suite of apps to assist in the assessment of dysphagia.
    • StoreKit, App Store Subscriptions, Printing
  • An app to administer electrical nerve stimulation therapy to stroke patients.
    • Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth unit testing
  • Content creation app for memory engagement puzzle device for dementia patients.
    • CoreAudio, CoreImage, NFC, iCloud, Document based app
  • An app for mental health counseling students to securely record and share their client sessions with their counseling instructors.
    • Video recording with background uploads
  • A health and wellness app for physicians that uses time-banking, wellness resources and positive news to alleviate physician burnout.
    • Enterprise application distribution
  • Daily assessment app for lung function via a Bluetooth LE based spirometer cross referenced with hyper local environmental air quality data.
    • Bluetooth LE, HealthKit, multi-source data aggregation
Science and Engineering
  • Native Mac app interface for Jupyter Notebooks including one click provisioning of cloud compute resources.
    • Embedded Python, Rich Text, AWS resource management, performance optimization
  • Laboratory workflow management app to warehouse quantitative analyses and generate public facing PDF reports.
    • Dynamic PDF generation with ReportLab
  • Tool for the analysis of satellite and drone based imagery for farmland management including offline mapping.
    • Mapping with custom map tiles, offline sync
  • Web portal for the execution of a finite element analysis tool with 3D visualizations of inputs and outputs.
    • Web visualization with VTK.js, Paraview, AWS Batch
  • Visualizer for 3D models generated by professional scientific and engineering simulations.
Consumer Apps
  • A nationwide restaurant curation and recommendation app based only on positive feedback.
    • Recommendation engine, location based searching, large data management
  • Workflow management app for the care and maintenance of multi-family properties.
  • A white label news feed app used by hundreds of television news, newspapers and colleges across the country.
  • A collaborative story telling app where friends and families can build their memories together.

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