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QR Coder is Safari Extension for generating QR codes fast and easy. Just click the QR button in Safari and a QR for your current URL pops up.

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Use QR codes on your Mac
  • Right click on the image to save it or copy it to the clipboard.
  • Drag the QR code directly to another app.
  • Great for including on print material like posters and mailers.
Use QR codes on your phone
  • Use a QR code reader to zap a URL to your phone.
  • Headed out to met friends? Zap the web page for the restaurant over to your phone.
  • Showing your buddy something cool? Zap the page over to his phone.
  • Developing a web page? Zap the page over to your phone to check out the mobile version.

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Who We Are

Smart, creative professionals who love to build delightful software for iPhones, iPads and Mac.
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What We Do

Make elegant, practical, easy-to-use software tools for our clients so they can get stuff done.